Auditions, self tapes, speech and public speaking.

Teaching has been a reference in my whole life because I have grandparents from both sides who were teachers. My first job was as an English teacher and while studying to become an actor I taught acting to kids in public schools in São Paulo. Later, as my acting career took off, I started to teach actors and directors at film schools Academia Internacional de Cinema and Inspiratorium Film School, in Brazil. 

I worked as an acting coach on the documentary Cinema Morocco, directed by Ricardo Calil. We In the US I worked as an assistant teacher for late actor/acting coach Clark Middleton (Twin Peaks, The Blacklist). 

You can get to know some of my work by taking my Domestika.com course online. Please use this link for a discount.

I’m also available to help you with your auditions, self tapes, speech and public speaking on lessons over Zoom or in person. 

Contact me for fees and availability. 

Cine Marrocos / Cinema Morocco
Dir. Ricardo Calil
Acting coach: Ivo Müller and Georgina Castro

In São Paulo, Brazilian homeless, Latin-American immigrants and African refugees occupy an abandoned cinema and reenact scenes from classical movies shown in the theater 60 years before. Facing the threat of an eviction, they go on a journey from life to fiction, from three to two dimensions.



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