Besides my work with group theater, I have a solo performance research on the works of poet Rainer Maria Rilke. It started in 2010 with “Letters to a Young Poet”, based on the famous letters Rilke wrote to a young man who wanted to be a writer. This “first version” had puppets on stage, a reference to Tadeusz Kantor works. It was performed for 4 years, in venues in São Paulo and many cities across Brazil. 

In 2011 TV Cultura recorded a Television Version. You can watch it on Youtube and have an idea of how it was on stage.

In 2018, I decided to recreate the piece, making a much more simple version: an actor, a desk, and a bunch of envelopes. The new version is called simply RILKE, and the poet breaks the fourth wall, speaking to the audience. 

This second version was performed for two years. During the pandemic of Covid-19, in 2020, I performed a version on-line, streamed on Instagram and on Zoom. 

RILKE (2018 – 2022) 

Actor/Author: Ivo Müller 
Based on the works of poet Rainer Maria Rike
Director: Arieta Correa 
Assistant director: Juliana Navarro 
Light design: Cesar Baptista 
Light operator: Vânia Jaconis
Sound editing: Vitor Bathaus
Set design: Rilke collective and
Galpão Base
Wardrobe: Domingas Person 
Photos: Priscila Prade 



Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Cast: Ivo Müller
Collaborative directors: Claudio Cabral and Arieta Corrêa
Light Designer: Davi de Brito e Vânia Jaconis
Costume: Domingas Person
Original Soundtrack: Gustav Mahler
Stagehand, editing and sound operation: Daniel Becker
Art graphic web: Mauro Ventura
Photos: Betina Humeres
Producer: Helena Sroulevich, Domingas Person and Fernando De Marchi
Realization: Blau!, Caribe Produções and Lauper Films.

All the info about this version is here.

Watch the TV Version

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